Role of a Godparent

Godparent Eligibility Certificate


To have your child baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes you must be a member in good standing for 3 months before requesting a baptismal date. Baptisms are performed during the 10:30 Mass by the Pastor. The three deacons are available to perform the baptism after a Mass. Baptismal requests must be made 1 month before the desired date, and a baptismal class is required for first time parents and other parents who have not had a formal Baptismal class. Call the parish office to register. A stipend of $25 is the standard. A donation to the priest or deacon is sometimes customary. Also, parents will be supplied a form for their sponsors to be verified by their individual pastors.


As a parent, what is required of me prior to my child's baptism?
Parents should attend a baptismal preparation class which is offered every other month at Our Lady of Lourdes, with St. John Vianney parish hosting the class on the alternate months. Parents who have attended the class within the past three years are exempt.


How do I schedule a baptism?
Contact the parish office at 563.359.0345 or via email to schedule your child's baptism.


Can we take photographs of the baptism?
Absolutely! Your child's baptism is a special event that you will want to remember for years.


Is there a fee for baptism?

A $25 stipend is standard.


Baptism Registration Form

Role of a Godparent

Godparent Eligibility Certificate


Sacraments 101: Baptism (why we baptize)


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