Board of Education

Lourdes Catholic School Board of Education represents our families that are part of Our Lady of Lourdes parish: our Religious Education families, Youth Ministry families as well as our Catholic School families.

The Board of Education is comprised of the Executive Committee (President, VP, Secretary, Pastor and Principal); the Buildings and Grounds Committee: the Public Relations Committee: Policy and Procedure Committee and the Finance Committee.

The mission of the Board of Education Programs of the Diocese of Davenport is to provide meaningful educational experiences for all persons in an environment integrated by Gospel values which nurture faith, community, prayer and service. Belief Statements:


  • Board of Education exists to teach the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church and to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

  • Parents/Guardians are the first educators.

  • Board of Education Programs partner with parents/guardians in the education of all.

  • Each person in a Board of Education Program, regardless of race, cultural heritage, or gender, will have the opportunity to grow in self-esteem through the development of his/her talents, skills and interests.

  • To the best of its ability, Catholic education will provide a warm, caring environment where participants will be challenged to learn the essential curriculum regardless of learning rate or style.

  • All persons in Catholic education will learn the value of human dignity and the concepts of peace and justice to enable them to be participants in a global society.


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