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Encourage Senators to Pass
Education Savings Grant Legislation
We are asking for your help with some legislative advocacy for SF 372,
which is for Educational Savings Grants

We have good news to share! There is another effort in the State Legislature to allow Iowa parents the opportunity to choose the best education options for their children. S.F. 372 establishes a universal Education Savings Grant (ESG) program in Iowa. The Senate Education Committee will consider the bill on the afternoon of March 4. Now is the time to urge your legislators to support S.F. 372!

If you live in the following areas ...

District 46: Davenport/Muscatine and your Senate rep. is Mark Lofgren (R)
District 49: Clinton/DeWitt and your Senate rep. is Chris Cournoyer (R)
... then your State Senator is a member of the Senate Education Committee or Senate leadership and we need you to contact him or her. Our email advocacy system will automatically direct your message to the correct senators – you don’t have to worry about that. If your Senator is not a member or in leadership, your message will not be transmitted.

Follow this link to a form letter to customize as you see fit and share with legislators. It is crucial for this bill to move out of the Senate Education Committee by Friday, March 8th to survive the first legislative funnel. We encourage you to act by Monday, March 4.

Education Savings Grants:

Provide an opportunity for Iowa families to benefit from school choice, regardless of address or income
Cover approved education expenses such as private school tuition, textbooks, tutoring, online learning, and even certain kinds of therapies to meet each students unique needs.

Encourage parents to become more engaged, involved, and invested in their child’s education, which generally increases student achievement
Another great way to help build support for school choice legislation in our state is by sharing your support on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Please consider sharing your personal story and other reasons why you support school choice for Iowans using #SupportSchoolChoiceIA.

Iowa Advocates for Choice in Education

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