Our Lady of Lourdes Survey Summary

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At least 80% of those filling in the questionnaires feel that OLOL is fulfilling its mission and provClick to Download Complete Summary.iding for their spiritual, emotional and social needs. However, there were several areas that were frequently mentioned as potential changes needed to provide an even better experience. There is overall general consensus that not enough parishioners are involved in the parish activities. Out of all who filled in the forms almost half stated that they are not involved. Sometimes the reasons are related to their place in life at the moment, but many stated a feeling of isolationism. They did not feel they were invited to participate in activities or when they did offer, they were not contacted or were rebuffed. Whatever the perception is, a need for inclusion was expressed. This could be a personal invitation or it could just be a matter of directing people to the resources already available. Our first interaction with new members was mentioned as a possible place to improve. It is critical to help them feel welcome and make them a part of the community. They need to be informed about all the options we have for them to become involved and they need to know where they can come for support. We need to strengthen relationships with the current members through increased social activities and positive friendly interactions. We have a diverse population and so the social and emotional needs run a wide gamut. Support and companionship in a spiritual setting should be available for all members of our community. Additionally, many felt that communication needed to be improved. While it is true that we have a bulletin, some of our members are looking for other ways of keeping abreast of current happenings and invitations to participate. Increasing technological means of communicating could be explored. Finally, a few requests were made about making life easier for our handicapped members. Automatic handicapped doors and large-type missals would help those who have special needs. Attached is a summary of the written comments from the surveys.

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