Parish Council

2019 - 2020 Parish Council Members:


  • Fr. Jason Crossen, Pastor

  • Kathy Halter, President

  • Dan Hasken, Vice President

  • Muriel Murphy, Secretary

  • Gary Ghere

  • Joe Polascheck

  • Kelly Bush

  • Alternate: Linda Casas

Parish Council Nomination Form

The Parish Council is the leadership body within the parish whose role is to develop and implement a focused plan for the parish.  Comprised of lay people within the church, the Parish Council act as servants to the wider community, continually moving the church forward and seek to further the mission of the church.


The Parish Council oversees the 6 commissions of the church:


1) Church Life - The purpose of this commission is to develop stronger bonds within the 

parish and to make Jesus Christ the center of all activities within the Christian 

community. Good communication based on love and truth among all parishioners is 

imperative in building the local Church. An ever- growing number of people should 

become involved in the life and activities of the parish. The parish will thus become a 

home for the parishioner, a community in which he/she finds nourishment, motivation, 

support so that he/she may truly become" the salt of the earth and the light of the world." 


2) Worship and Spirituality - This commission is responsible for nurturing the faith of the 

parishioners and for planning the prayer life of the parish. Since the parish is a 

"Community of Faith", it follows that its quality will be determined by the faith of its 

parishioners. The commission should address two major areas: [Spirituality: the interior 

life of the individual one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ] and [Worship: the 

expression of this relationship through public and private prayer]. 


3) Faith Formation - The purpose of this commission is to provide effective channels for the 

transmission of the Good News of Jesus Christ to various members of the Catholic 

community. The very existence of the Church is dependent upon the effective 

proclamation of Gods' Word . Faith Formation is based on the correct imparting of 

knowledge but extends to ones' relationship with Jesus Christ; therefore it must also 

entail deep personal convictions on the part of the catechists, the example and support of 

the Catholic community and true prayer. 


4) Social Action - The purpose of this commission is to infuse the Spirit of Jesus 

Christ into the laws, attitudes and morals of the community. Parishioners, through 

personal dedication to the community of man, should strive to alleviate human suffering 

and even more important, to eliminate the causes of social problems. 


5) Family Life - This commission has the task of supporting the heart of Christian 

community: the family. By strengthening the relationships of individuals within a family, 

it should enrich the growth of healthy families and assist those families encountering 

difficulties. The results of these efforts should be not only a deepening of love and

understanding between spouses, parents and children, and engaged couples, but also an 

experience and clearer vision of family life as a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


6) Finance and Administration - This commission is responsible for assuring the necessary 

material resources- land, buildings, finances -that will enable the parish to carry on the 

work of Christ. To a great extent, the effectiveness of the other commissions and of the 

pastoral mission of the Church will depend on whether the necessary resources are 

available to operate the programs that are deemed necessary. This commission is also 

responsible for reminding the parishioners of their duty to return to God, as a token of 

gratitude, part of the material benefits with which they have been blessed.


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